Why focusing on finding the right home is better solution than searching loan programs

Most families would agree they would prefer to buy a home vs renting a home. Buying a home is not for everyone and it does require a certain degree of financial aptitude and ability. Most people begin researching mortgage loans online. The Internet is a wonderful tool to get a feel for what you might be able to qualify for. While that might be the case you also want to be realistic about what mortgage loan program, you’re looking for compared to the market, you’re in. Here is why…

Let’s say you’re a first-time homebuyer. You have a $4,000 a month job, no savings in the bank, and a good credit score with little to no debt. Based on the research online you’ve determined the USDA-eligible program to buy a piece of land and do your construction financing. A traditional mortgage loan you don’t qualify for as traditional mortgage loans is designed for houses that are already built, i.e., regular real estate. So, you decide to pursue this construction financing product in a market in which the average house price is $500,000. Using this as an example it’s not realistic to think that such a program would be suitable for what you’re trying to do for a few reasons. Number one, you don’t have a down payment or money for closing costs. Number 2, there’s also not a safety net. What happens if you lose your job? These are things to consider for buying a home.

Another example is saying you’re a first-time home buyer and you don’t have a down payment or any money in the bank. Your income is strong say $10k a month, credit score just under 700, and you’re looking for a down payment assistance program to buy a home. While you might qualify for that, the down payment aid programs all have income limitations in the areas in which you’re looking to purchase a home. This means that your income must be in alignment with the annual income threshold in the area in which you’re looking. Despite that to be successful on the home purchase, you would need a seller credit for closing costs. On top of all those things, you would need the ability to get into a contract on a home.

One or two layers of challenges on a mortgage loan are attainable, but three or more challenges as it relates to a financial picture on an eclectic mortgage loan is not the answer. It would be better to ask your mom and dad or a family member for a gift or borrow your 401K for a down payment. Get a traditional mortgage loan that will allow your debt-to-income ratio to be pushed despite having a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment. This would expand your borrowing power for a property that’s already built and ready to go. That would be far more pragmatic than trying to chase a utopian mortgage loan that could take you months if not years to try to obtain. Whereas if you took the advice of a reputable mortgage lender you could have bought a home during that time. Gained the equity that the market would otherwise support for you and got a tax break. The whole time could have come out financially ahead in a side-by-side comparison over the same course of time. Put another way take the advice of your local lender and real estate agent. Even if the advice is not what you want to hear they know what they’re talking about, and they know what types of loans and escrows will fly and which ones are incongruent with market conditions. Something to consider when deciding what the best way to home ownership is for you and your family.


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