How Do I refinance my Sonoma County Energy Independance loan?

Q:I have the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program Loan on my house. Through my property taxes, I financed the cost of putting solar on my house, and doing a new roof and some more energy-efficient upgrades. From what I understand, a second put on my house much like a home-equity line of credit. Other lenders have told me I’m unable to do the refinance because they will not subordinate to a new first mortgage. It’s tied to my property taxes, but I still can’t refinance what do I do?

A:Well first off you come to the right place. The reason why may not have an easy time getting a refinance closed is because the lender is concerned with the fact there is a second lien interest on your home. While this is true, it does not prevent you from successfully refinancing your mortgage either.

It’s all about whether or not it shows up on the title report as a lien. In other words, when a mortgage lender originates loan for a consumer. The mortgage lender orders a preliminary title report. The Sonoma County California Energy Independence Program shows up as a red flag on most preliminary title reports.

*Key is to work with a title company that will ensure the property independent of the property tax financing program for energy upgrades.

Give us at 707-217-4000 or email and we can walk you through a successful refinance. We’ll also work with a title/escrow company to ensure a successful closing of a new first mortgage refi alongside the Sonoma County energy Independence Program.

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