My credit score is 620, what type of mortgage can I qualify for?

You are in luck! A middle 620 credit score or higher is needed for a conventional loan with at least 20% down. This could be your own funds or the funds can come in the form of a gift from family or close friends. This would typically be a non-mortgage insurance loan such as a traditional conventional standard 30 year rate mortgage. Another program that might be more suitable is an FHA loan where you can put user 3.5% down payment. Although this is potentially subject to change, you want to contact a mortgage lender to determine current down payment options on this particular program. In doing so, you’ll also have to have a relatively low debt to income ratio.

Most loan programs available in the market, come with the middle credit score requirement of 640. A good mortgage loan officer would be able to look at your credit report give you a basic illustration of what’s working for you in terms of supporting your credit score and what’s not working for you and moreover how to get your credit score raised, whether that be paying off debt opening up new forms of credit perhaps even doing a debt consolidation, each scenario is different so do contact the local mortgage lender to determine what you might qualify for..


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