The Big 2011 Question: Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

The big 2011 money question: Should You Refinance Your Mortgage.. in a nutshell, it depends.

The bottom line mortgage rates are extremely low right now. How low? Try 4.5% and lower for 30 year money and 15 year is under 4.0% and that is without points! Ultimately, no one can control the actual rate you’ll get on that loan as rates move all day. Refinancing makes sense even if you are saving only .5% in rate too. Don’t think so? Receive Live Rate Quote by filling out the loan search parameters or giving me a call at 707 217 4000. We can run the numbers together.

Refinance into a lower rate mortgage, never refinance again!

If you can save money by refinancing, reduce your interest expense over time, especially considering the no-cost refinancing opportunities available, go for it! Whether going with a Conventional Loan or with a loan from the FHA, the time has arrived. You may never need to refinance again…ever. Rates are near the historical lows of 2010 and they will not last. Sonoma County Best Rates give you the best payment.Act Now!

Receive a live mortgage rate with local lender Scott Sheldon today.

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