Sonoma County "Best Rates"

Sonoma County Best Rates:there are two ways to look at them.

Most consumers look at mortgage rates whether being online, in the newspaper, etc. and automatically assume that the interest rate that is being advertised is the real interest rate that they can actually a lock a loan on. Get A Live Rate Quote for the best mortgage rates.

A real interest rate is the interest rate that you would be given after you apply for a mortgage loan and subsequently authorize a credit check from the mortgage lender. At that point in time you can lock in on the loan.

A quoted interest rate is just that it is a quote that is more than likely going to change unless the loan is locked in. A real interest rate is the interest rate you will receive once the mortgage loan is locked. The difference between advertised rates and real rates is the fact that the advertised interest rates are usually rates that are advertised once the borrower’s loan is approved.

Since there are no lending laws in Sonoma County that require disclosures on locks on sonoma county best rates, you will always see lower interest rates advertised on Internet and time and time again those will not be the interest rates that you will actually receive.

Everyone wants to get the lowest interest rate and rate is certainly important. Because mortgage interest rates are based on mortgage-backed securities which are bought and sold every day on the stock market interest rates can change and do change several times per day everyday five days a week. Obtaining the lowest interest rate can realistically only be done by choosing 3 to 4 different mortgage lenders and calling them every single day for 30 days in a row and getting rate quotes. The reason I suggest this is because the fact interest rates change so often. If you lock your loan in one day and then rates improve the next day you have not necessarily secured the lowest rate. When looking for a mortgage you should be concerned about the interest rate but also the right loan and the overall lowest-cost loan overtime.

So for sonoma county best rates: obtaining the lowest cost mortgage, with a competitive interest rate and the right loan product is going to provide you far more savings and equity over time than a loan with the lowest interest rate.

In most cases the lowest interest rate also incurs upfront overhead paid by you to purchase the interest rate down. Give me a telephone call Scott Sheldon at (707) 217-4000 and we can talk about a getting a competitive Sonoma County interest rate and the right low cost loan for you.


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