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How do determine whether not you have a property tax bill due

How do determine whether not you have a property tax bill due

By Scott Sheldon / October 10, 2021

Property taxes are due twice a year in April and December. The county in which you purchased a home sends out these tax bills by the annual property taxes. If you’re a homeowner here’s what you need to know and how property tax bills relate to them being due. There are a few different categories…

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how the ppp loan may hurt your mortgage

How 1031 tax-deferred exchanges work

By Scott Sheldon / August 14, 2018

A 1031 tax-deferred exchange is a deferred exchange in the gain of an investment property used to acquire another investment property. Make no mistake this is a deferment where you’re kicking the can of the paying the property taxes obligation to some point in the future when you sell the property. Here is an example…

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15% down to buy a rental

The percentage down to purchase a rental property might less than you think

By Scott Sheldon / May 9, 2018

To purchase a rental property the consensus down payment needed 20%. However, the requirement to purchase a rental property is much lower than you think. Here’s what you need to know if you’re buying a rental property…. To purchase a property for rental income purposes 15% down is the requirement. If you’re purchasing a rental…

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what to know about a mortgage 4506t

How to evaluate buying a rental property

By Scott Sheldon / September 6, 2016

Buying a rental property can be very lucrative and sound financial vestment. Here’s how to determine whether not buying a rental property with financing makes sense. Location, location, location Location for the property is critical. It is often thought a rental property is more dollars and cents transaction with less focus on location. While this…

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