Your Deferred Student Loan May Impact Your Mortgage Chances

The cost of your educational isn’t just interest you pay on student loans, no, in fact, an ulterior cost also lurks in the mix, mortgage ineligibility. A deferred student loan usually be will be counted against your income when you apply for the big ticket debt. If you have student loan or multiple student loans, in deferment, you’ll need to take extra precautionary steps working closely with your lender to ensure your mortgage approval chances stay green….

Know These Student Loans Obstacles

Credit Reporting –many student loan lenders report multiple credit accounts even though it may be one loan with one creditor. For example it’s not uncommon to have one creditor for student loan payment however, the credit report reveals multiple student loans with the same creditor broken down with multiple different payments. Happens quite frequently, especially on the granddaddy credit report, a financial services credit report used conjunction with a mortgage application.

Why A Concern: if your student loan payment appears to be more, based on the credit report, the lender has to use credit report finding when trying to qualify you for the home loan. If there is multiple student loan accounts, a letter from the creditor stating what the total balance is along with each minimum payment is essential.

When The Loan Is Deferred- the payment is simply due at a later date, usually at graduation or commencement at new employer. The mortgage types you apply for plays a key role. For conventional financing you will need to provide a letter from the creditor identifying what the estimated monthly payments will be as the lender will be required to use the estimated monthly payment in determining if you fit the box.

Conversely, a government insured loan type such as an FHA, is a bit more forgiving. If the student loan  is deferred for 12 months or longer the lender not need to account for the liability when qualifying you for the mortgage. The key here is it has to be a 12 months deferment on that the payment obligation associated with the student loan/s.

Why A Concern a student loan could become very problematic if you instead to qualify for the maximum loan size. Make sure to do your homework, erring on the side of caution by proactively obtaining an estimated payment letter from the creditor for any student loan account in deferment.

If deferred, But Unable To Estimated Payments –difficulty in procuring an estimated payment letter from a creditor for the student loan? The lender will still have to account for the liability by using  a 5%  payment factor.

Why A Concern: a 5% payment factor is 5% of the principle balance of the student loan factored, monthly! 99% of the time this payment is substantially higher than the minimum monthly payment the student loan obligation would otherwise be, resulting in needing more income to qualify or reducing your loan amount and purchase price.

Why Deferred Student Loans Are The Wildcard

Student loans negatively affect your borrowing potential as they are liability, thereby eroding your income otherwise used to offset a potential a house payment. When you apply for a mortgage lenders qualify you by taking your monthly pretax income coupled with any other current payment liabilities you may have  including a proposed housing payment, this is known in the lending world as a DTI, (the debt to income ratio) sometimes also called a payment to income ratio.


Effective Ways To Reduce  The Deferred Student Loan Burden

Looking for a mortgage? If you have a student loan, then take heed…

  • Get an additional cosigner-more income to offset the liability increases borrowing chances
  • Pay off the student loan entirely- depends on what the minimum payment is and how much of that payment is affecting your qualifying numbers- only your mortgage professional can answer this
  • Consolidate the student loans- if you haven’t done so already, consolidating the student loans into one low minimum monthly payment encompassing all of the debt also improves qualifying chances
  • Buy Less House-much easier said than done if you are already in contract to buy a hom- best to handle this upfront when getting pre-approved to initiate the house hunt process
  • Put More Money Down-by borrowing less payment subsequent drops and can work when buying or remortgaging a home

Depending on how much mortgage you are trying to get qualified for, a deferred student loan may not adversely affect your qualifying chances  so long as you’re buying a home with with your monthly debts not being bigger than 40% of your income. Lenders go to 45% of your income as the maximum debt ratio permitted on both Conventional and FHA mortgages types. By getting qualified with 5% less in payments expenses you’re on the right track to successfully getting your new home loan.

Need help? Maybe just doing research? Happy to provide a free no obligation rate and cost quote to get clarity.

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