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How To Save When Refinancing A Mortgage Bigger Than 417k

By Scott Sheldon / June 12, 2015

If recent mortgage rate movement has spooked you into refinancing, you’ll want make sure to pay particularly close attention if your loan size is bigger than $417,000. Jumbo investors in the marketplace are offering lucrative rates and deals. Which Investor Plays a Role It does not matter where you apply for a mortgage. Whether you…

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Will Paying Off My Mortgage Hurt My Credit Score?

By Scott Sheldon / May 2, 2015

No one actually wants a mortgage. A mortgage is simply a means to an end, if you don’t have the cash. Ridding yourself of the financial obligation is the next best thing, but could it come at the expense of your credit score? What to know… Mortgage Affects On Credit Score Nothing can help or…

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Sonoma County Mortgages… The Ins & Outs

By Scott Sheldon / January 20, 2011

You probably already know if you have a decent credit score, have an overall low monthly debt picture and have at least 3/2% equity into the transaction you can get a loan from a pool of available Sonoma County Mortgages. Most folks seeking home mortgages know at the end of the day it is the…

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