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Why Refinancing Today Trumps Waiting for Lower Rates Tomorrow

Do future Fed cuts mean lower mortgage rates?

By Scott Sheldon / January 11, 2024

When the Federal Reserve Bank increases or cuts the Fed funds rate, many people believe that it automatically makes mortgage rates go up or down. However, it’s not that simple. The relationship between the Fed’s actions on monetary policy and mortgage rates is a little more complex than that. When the Fed is increasing interest…

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why are mortgage rates getting worse?

How to navigate rising mortgage rates

By Scott Sheldon / February 26, 2021

We’ve been spoiled by ultra-low mortgage rates for the last several months. We saw 30-year mortgage rates go down into the mid two’s on conventional and government loans. These interest rates were brought on by the pandemic, the job market uncertainty, and the broader United States being in a holding pattern about what’s going to…

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Should you buy a condominium or should you purchase a house

Should you buy a condo or a single family home?

By Scott Sheldon / June 26, 2020

When it comes to purchasing a home especially a first home what you decide to purchase can affect your affordability. Here’s what you might want to think about when you’re deciding to purchase a condo versus a single-family house… When you purchase a condo your payment is comprised of principal, interest, taxes, and insurance and…

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loan process

How to get a mortgage when your self employed income is tricky

By Scott Sheldon / May 20, 2020

Not always, but traditionally, self-employed borrowers have a hard time securing mortgage loan financing. If you are filing self-employed and you are trying to get qualified for mortgage financing here are some solid tips to keep in mind… Most mortgage lenders are going to require you to provide 2 years of federal tax returns. They…

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why there are no maybe loans in todays market

Why there are no “Maybe Loans” in today’s lending world

By Scott Sheldon / April 3, 2017

Are you trying to qualify for mortgage financing? Giving a “scenario” to a lender without actually providing thorough financials and pulling credit is a recipe for disappointment. Here is what you really need to know about today’s lending world to make sure you get real information. Today’s mortgage world is a very compliant and bureaucratic…

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Self Employment and getting a mortgage just got easier

Self-Employed? It just got easier to get a mortgage

By Scott Sheldon / March 9, 2017

Are you looking to purchase a home? Are you self-employed? The rules to make this happen just got easier. Freddie Mac has recently announced upcoming changes on how vendors can use your income to qualify you for a home. If you are a self-employed borrower, lenders will be looking at your loan application with a…

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The equity percentage you need for a big mortgage is less than you think

By Scott Sheldon / February 16, 2017

Most people will tell you that you must have excellent credit and a big down payment to secure a larger mortgage. The reality is that while having a big chunk of cash to put down on a house is nice to have, it is not always an absolute requirement. Here is the information you should…

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be careful getting a mortgage with a bankruptcy

How much the debt in your life is costing you

By Scott Sheldon / February 10, 2017

Your ability to save money can become compromised by the financial obligations you are paying in your life. If you have a mortgage and consumer debts, this article will help you determine: Should you stay the course or take action to start getting control of your cash? The nuts and bolts of a good financial…

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