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10 tried and true ways you could hurt your home loan

By Scott Sheldon / February 12, 2018

Getting a mortgage is not an effortless process, it is just not. The loan process today is an extremely compliant and very bureaucratic process that requires proof of one’s ability to repay that mortgage. Following is ten things you will want to avoid when seeking a home mortgage loan… 1. Refusal to provide documentation. The…

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The new way to buy a house in Sonoma county

Can you really afford the home? Here is what banks will not share

By Scott Sheldon / June 21, 2016

Just because the bank will let you buy more does not mean you should. Be a well informed home buyer by taking the following tips into consideration when making the big ticket decision… Banks are for profit. They make money by making loans and it is up to you the consumer to decide when, how…

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