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FHA vs. Conventional Loans—Which Costs Less in the Long Run?

FHA vs. Conventional Loans—Which Costs Less in the Long Run?

By Scott Sheldon / June 2, 2024

When securing a mortgage for your home, choosing between an FHA loan and a conventional loan is a critical decision that could impact your financial strategy and long-term goals. Both loan types have distinct advantages and limitations, particularly regarding down payment requirements, seller credits, and private mortgage insurance (PMI). Down Payment Differences: One of the…

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FHA LOANS for 2020 and beyond to buy or refinance

All about FHA Loans for 2020 and beyond

By Scott Sheldon / July 3, 2020

One of the most popular mortgage loan programs continues to be popular especially amongst first time home buyers is the FHA loan. FHA Loans can help bridge the gap between renting and owning an offer numerous benefits. It is prudent as an informed consumer to know the mechanics of how FHA Loans work and all…

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working two job just got easier for a mortgage

3 Real No Income, No Appraisal, No Debt Ratio Loan Programs To Know About

By Scott Sheldon / May 29, 2015

Looking to avoid all the paperwork associated with getting a mortgage? Here are three loan programs with no laundry list. See if you’re eligible… Most mortgage loan products require you to provide two years of tax returns and W-2s, 30 days of pay stubs and at least two months of bank statements to provide a…

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