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Why an FHA loan may be a suitable choice

By Scott Sheldon / April 28, 2017

 FHA loans have gotten a bad rap in the last few years. Here is the Granddaddy Truth about FHA loans, you should really consider if you are looking for mortgage options! FHA loans are another option you can take as a borrower, to help you accomplish your financial goal. The Federal Housing Administration ensures the…

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It's Still Possible To Get A Mortgage Despite A Judgement

By Scott Sheldon / February 24, 2014

A judgement, a court ordered nightmare that if not handled correctly can make getting a mortgage loan much more stringent than it otherwise needs to be.  What you’re lender will want want… Quick Terms To Know Judgment-a court ordered debt that can arise from a number of factors, a lawsuit, a divorce,  business dispute to name…

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