Conventional Mortgage Loans

The most sought after mortgage loan program by consumers. The non-government,  traditional financing type still remains king. Conventional loans are available on primary residences, second homes and investment properties and are eligible for the following property types:
  • Single family residences
  • condominiums
  • planned unit developments also called PUD’s for short
  • 2 to 4 unit properties such as duplexes, triplex’s and four plexes

Conventional loans are typically up to $417,000 except for the state of Alaska and Hawaii. Loans exceeding $417,000 are called “Conforming High Balance.” This category is for conventional loans over and above $417,000 to the max county loan limit in the county in which the subject property resides. This varies from county to county in every state. For example in Sonoma County, California the Conforming High Balance Loan Limit is $520,950. This means competitive mortgage rate financing is available on larger loan amounts.

*Mortgage Tip: the most attractive mortgage rates are for loans $417,000 and lower. Loans exceeding $417,000, will be competitive although slightly worse in interest rate as Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac have less of an appetite for bigger loan amounts.
Conventional Mortgage Loan Benefits:

  • Looking for the lowest cost loan option available in the market?
  • Need payment flexibility?
  • Do you have good credit?

Conventional mortgages are the bread and butter of consumer mortgage market. Our conventional mortgages also include the popular refinance program, known as Harp 2 Refinance, allowing you to refinance with the possibility of not even needing a home appraisal. You also won’t need to worry about loan to value as the value does not preclude you from the ability to qualify.

We offer conventional mortgages; clear-cut, transparent, with no additional interest expense, no prepayment penalty and flexibility to refinance the mortgage down the road with no restrictions.

Conventional Mortgage Loan Highlights:

  • Chose from 30-, 25 -,20-,15-,10-year loan terms available with fixed interest rates
  • Purchase with as little as 3% down, that’s right 97% loan to value financing
  • Refinance with no loan-to-value restriction, *possibly no appraisal needed
  • Loan amounts with competitive mortgage rates all the way to $520,950 in Sonoma County, CA (and we do successfully finance every County and in the State of California- Just ask us)

How conventional mortgages work

  • Monthly payment of principal and interest is amortized over the term of the loan e.g. 360 months represents a 30 year fixed rate mortgage-check our calculator
  • No payment gyration throughout the life of the loan, same payment same rate with increasing amount paid principal over time
  • Your actual mortgage payment will be based on your ability to repay the loan as well as current rates at the time of application and/or during the loan process
  • Free to pay off the mortgage at any time with no prepayment penalty

Purchasing the primary residence? How about looking to purchase an investment property or a second home? The conventional loan can be a terrific loan program to help you accomplish your financial goals. Reducing debt by means of payment reduction with premium financing is another common use for conventional loans. Let us help you secure a bit conventional loan for purchasing or refinancing. Start by getting a conventional mortgage rate quote online today.

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