When it comes to mortgage financing the harder way is usually the way that will make your loan work

We are still in an environment that requires us to get support ability to repay. The harder approach, generally, is the approach that’s going to make the most sense between taking you from where you’re going and helping you accomplish your goal. If a new accomplisher goal of refinancing a house, or buying a new house consider the following situation and the solutions. Just think the way that you don’t want to do the most uncomfortable way is the right way.

You don’t have a down payment however you also have not asked mom and dad. The same example could be for a grandparent or any other individual. Get a down payment in the form of a gift even. If you don’t have a down payment to work with for a house, beyond the gift you might want to rethink purchasing a house, to begin with.

You don’t have enough income to buy a home because you’re making $40,000 a year for example and you’re trying to buy a $300,000 house. It just doesn’t work, not unless you have a very large down payment. This means working on your income so you can purchase a house down the line when your income and finances support it or getting a CO signer. This is the type of thing that you need to be focused on when it comes to getting a mortgage. You need to be able to afford the house that you’re trying to purchase.

Say you want to refinance and save money, but you’re focused on the interest rate when you have a bunch of consumer debt, but you don’t want to pay off the consumer debt and you just want to lower the interest rate on the house. In this situation, the harder more pragmatic scenario would be to just cash out and to debt consolidate all the consumer debt freeing up your monthly payment in the support of a broader monthly budget.

You don’t want to put the extra money down to qualify to close on the house. Let’s say for whatever reason the house doesn’t appraise and you have the additional funds to purchase the house and you can afford the payment but you’re just digging your heels in. Put the additional money in even though it’s the harder approach to help you buy the house.

You don’t want to go up $10,000 in purchasing price because you have a counteroffer. Let’s say you’re presented with a counteroffer that the seller will accept. You can afford the payment but over principle, you just don’t want to do it even though it’s well within your budget. Bite the bullet and accept the offer because the reality of it is that $10,000 for example is about equivalent on most loans to about $80 a month of payment. If $80 a month of payment is going to make or break your decision to buy a house, you shouldn’t be trying to buy a house at all.

If you’re self-employed and you have not filed your 2020 tax return. Let’s say your 2020 tax return is going to show a tax obligation file and paid the tax debt you owe the money as a result of the income that you show. Let’s say that you are trying to be creative with your taxes, which is not recommended at all. If you owe the money, pay the money, pay whatever it is that you can. Just because you can write off all your expenses doesn’t mean that you should. You guessed it, the harder approach. Showing more income and writing off less debt means that you will show more income to be able to buy the house. When it comes to being able to buy the house, yes this is the route you should take. A one-time tax obligation is a one-time tax obligation versus the wealth creation that will never become it’s the wealth creation that will never really come as a byproduct of buying a house that is worth the pain.

At the end of the day, just know the heart of the scenario is the more uncomfortable, it is that’s the route you should take. Plan for when it comes to mortgage and getting qualified you must have a blend of cash, credit, and income. You must be able to show on paper that you can afford the mortgage in a way that the bank wants, not in a way that you want because the bank is the one giving you $500,000 for example to purchase a home.

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