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Unconventional way to pay off your home faster

Here’s An Unconventional Way To Pay Off Your Home Faster Without Changing Terms

By Scott Sheldon / September 14, 2015

Most strategies to pay off your home involve making radical principal prepayments or moving to a shorter-term debt structure. Here is a way to refinance your home using your lender’s money. Quick Finance Lesson: Lenders generate more revenue on higher interest rate loans. The catch is, the additional revenue is not kept by the lender,…

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No Cost Refinances = Tremendous Savings

By Scott Sheldon / April 20, 2011

What is a no-cost mortgage ? Let me be the first to say that many lenders quote rates and programs to get you to apply with them. That being said there are several distinctions we should make when understanding what a no-cost mortgage is. Let’s first talk about all the rest. A zero points mortgage…

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