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Why Refinancing Today Trumps Waiting for Lower Rates Tomorrow

Mortgages: why you need to read the fine print

By Scott Sheldon / May 5, 2019

Every consumer wants to get a fair and reasonable deal on the cost of borrowing funds refinance your home or purchase a home. However, what many people get fooled into is believing that whatever they’re seeing on the internet or receiving in their mailbox is is the best choice for them. Here is what you…

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4 common home buyer mistakes to avoid

Why Sonoma County Housing Prices will continue to rise

By sonomacountym / October 22, 2017

Sonoma county housing was already limited prior to the Tubs and Nuns fires. This year has shown a scenario more reflective of large demand with little supply. This economic shift has created a competitive market place for home buyers driving prices up subsequently making it challenging to purchase a home. In the aftermath of the…

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Why you shouldn't be solely focused on credit when it comes to getting a mortgage

How to get a mortgage with a credit score under 620

By Scott Sheldon / July 22, 2017

Here is what most banks and mortgage companies will not tell you. If you have a bad credit score they don’t want your business. It’s the truth. Every financial institution wants borrowers with good credit, a healthy down payment, a stable job and low manageable debts. The reality is that most people don’t fit the…

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one smart move for getting a mortgage

One really smart move to best prepare for getting a mortgage

By Scott Sheldon / September 11, 2016

Securing mortgage loan financing requires a laundry list of paperwork. Here’s a really simple tip you can take to the bank to make sure your process is easy while getting the best mortgage… Every year you gather together paperwork for doing your tax returns things like; receipts, explanations, paystubs and W-2s. 70% of this information…

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Why Refinancing Today Trumps Waiting for Lower Rates Tomorrow

Should you refinance your house with a direct-mail mortgage offer?

By Scott Sheldon / July 31, 2016

Many homeowners are often inundated by the amount of junk mail offers they receive each month. Here is what to think about if you’re considering refinancing with a direct-mail solicitor… Confusing pitch You receive a letter in the mailbox about a refinance offer saying the mortgage offer is a fixed rate loan with an ultra…

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how to make your mortgage fit the box

Make your credit fit the mortgage box

By Scott Sheldon / March 6, 2016

If you have some credit challenges preventing you from getting mortgage with competitive rates and fees, read on. Here are some tips you can take to the bank… Know this: you need not have perfect credit to buy a home or get a mortgage. Your credit just needs to be sufficient; good, bad, ugly or…

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Scott Sheldon's The Mortgage FIles Blog

Why Applying For A Mortgage Does Not Automatically Tank Your Credit Score

By Scott Sheldon / March 8, 2015

There is a fair amount of misconception that applying for a mortgage causes your credit score to drop each time. Not the case. The sole act of having your credit report in conjunction with submitting a loan application to a mortgage company does not automatically constitute a reduction in your credit score. Here’s the skinny……

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Scott Sheldon's The Mortgage FIles Blog

Why Some Aspects Of Today's Lending Still Do Not Make Sense

By Scott Sheldon / February 2, 2015

Banks want you to believe getting a these days is easier and that may be case if, you’re financial house is in order. Here is what you need to know about how to plan for the nuances, that may illogically arise… The reality is that if you’re going to be getting a mortgage in today’s…

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