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Don't be an "I don't want to waste your time" mortgage consumer

Don’t be an “I don’t want to waste your time” mortgage consumer

By Scott Sheldon / November 3, 2021

Mortgage companies must look at the overall picture in helping you qualify to purchase or refinance a home. If you think you might not qualify or there’s something in your financial picture, the lender still must look at the overall financial scenario to see if they can help you. So, if you think that there’s…

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Who To Use To Get The "Best Mortgage"

By Scott Sheldon / October 17, 2010

To get the mortgage that fits you best,in today’s world of mortgage lending there are really three sources. Most people today prefer working with banks because they provide the financing directly and they usually have control over the transaction. The three funding outlets are as follows: 1. A bank-a depository institution such as a chase…

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