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expecation every home buyer should have

Expectations home buyers should have in today’s mortgage environment

By Scott Sheldon / April 7, 2017

Getting a mortgage is every bit as arduous as you might think. The paperwork can be technical and complex. Here is what you should expect if you plan to buy a home in 2017 or beyond. The reality is that the mortgage industry screwed up America, and the better part of the world, and paved…

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How to set the cost of your own mortgage

By Scott Sheldon / January 26, 2017

Mortgages are not cheap. Closing costs and interest paid over time to your lending bank will make the cost of having a mortgage very pricey over the 15-30 years that you have it. When it comes time to getting your mortgage you actually have more control over your loan costs than you think. Here is…

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