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Why These 2 factors drive housing prices above all else?

Why these 2 factors drive housing prices above all else

By Scott Sheldon / October 31, 2021

People are astonished at how housing prices are so strong right now. These 2 Housing factors are playing a very important role in the housing market. More importantly in one’s ability to decide to purchase a home Your income people. Do not buy houses unless they’re feeling good about their income. More specifically, their job…

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These forms of income can help you land a mortgage

By Scott Sheldon / March 12, 2016

In today’s world of mortgage lending showing enough income is paramount to qualifying. Here are some alternative income forms that can be used for a mortgage qualifying… Mortgage banks look for income to offset debt. If you’re monthly debt payments exceed your income you may have a tough time qualifying for a mortgage. Underwriting which…

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