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New Fannie Mae rule for using social security income to get a mortgage

Federal reserve hikes interest rates

By Scott Sheldon / January 30, 2022

Probably the biggest misnomer in mortgage finance is what consumers’ interest rates do when the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates up. The Federal Reserve is trying to control and stimulate the economy or slow down the economy based on economic conditions. What they do or don’t do, does influence mortgage rates. But it is not…

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Why Mortgage Rates Are Not All The Same

By Scott Sheldon / July 22, 2012

Purchasing a home or refinancing a mortgage? Now is a fantastic time to consider taking out a home loan. Mortgage rates are still at ridiculous lows and home affordability has never been more attractive. The question everybody asks when getting a mortgage is “what interest rate am I going to get or what is your…

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