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Why not all first time homebuyer programs are created equal

Why not all first time homebuyer programs are created equal

By Scott Sheldon / April 10, 2022

If you are just starting in life and trying to get your footprint in the real estate climate; the information in this post is for you. Everyone must start somewhere and buy that first home. That first home is always the big one it is by far the hardest and most emotional. It can also…

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Signs you're not ready to buy a house

Signs you’re not ready to buy a house

By Scott Sheldon / November 14, 2021

Everyone wants to purchase a house and buying a home is considered the American dream. However, not everyone is ready to buy a house, and here are some things you might want to give some consideration to as it pertains to whether not you should or should not buy a home.   You must have…

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Mortgages: How to find the net tangible benefit through the fees, rate and payment

By Scott Sheldon / January 28, 2016

When shopping for a mortgage, it’s critical to have a general understanding of how the fees, rate and payment all connect to your bottom line. Here are tips better to identify your net tangible benefit on a home loan… Rates & fees The cost of an interest rate (mortgage pricing) moves with ebb and flow…

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How Conventional Loans Can Get Pricey

By Scott Sheldon / May 21, 2015

 Conventional loans are crème de la crème of home mortgage market. This loan type offers the best possible terms and fees along sustainable long-term affordability. Little equity and credit blemishes can make your mortgage more pricey. What to know… Conventional Loans Mortgages originated by banks, lenders and brokers across the country and sold on the…

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