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5 practical ways to increase your purchasing power when buying a home

The best way to cash out refinance your home

By Scott Sheldon / April 17, 2022

Consumers are no strangers to the present economic times we are living in right now as everything is rising, and inflation is rampant virtually everywhere. Gas prices, stock prices, housing prices, mortgage rates the list goes on. As cost rises the need to borrow money also increases.   If you have been thinking about doing…

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How to position your mortgage pre-approval against rising rates

Position your pre-approval against rising rates

By Scott Sheldon / March 27, 2022

The inflationary environment that we are in, coupled with the supply chain, and rising prices of food and energy, all have contributed to higher costs for about every economic resource. Interest rates are no exception. Interest rates are up one day down the next based on worldly and historic events. If you’re pre-approved for a…

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