Sebastopol Mortgage

We are proud to be able to offer a Sebastopol Mortgage for people looking to purchase or refinance real estate. Sebastopol, CA is a city approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco, 8 miles west of Santa Rosa, 10 miles from a Bodega Bay and easy 15 minutes from the Russian River. The city first became incorporated in 1902 and even has a relatively small population of 8000 people

Sebastopol also has very unique real estate. Don’t worry even though it’s unique, you can still get the best mortgage as far as the home loan is concerned. These unique types of real estate include properties such as 100 year old craftsman bungalows as well as single-family residences, two unit properties and even properties with farms and orchards. What’s even more, is both home prices and comparable market rents are higher in Sebastopol, than in most parts of Sonoma County.

Sebastopol is also host to an enormous Gravenstein apple operation in addition to many vineyards and wineries which have grown the reputation of the local community.

Whether purchasing or refinancing, a we can help you obtain a Sebastopol Mortgage.

So whether you are seeking a preapproval for a Sebastopol Mortgage or just curious about what rates are you can be rest assured we can provide you the most accurate information for your unique scenario.

Sebastopol is also home to my personal restaurant recommendation, The Starlight Wine Bar. They have really delicious food, as well as a unique location in a former train car. My personal favorite is, yes you guessed it, they’re juicy and flavorful hamburger.

We’d love to help you secure a Sebastopol Mortgage or even a North Bay Mortgage. Whether you are putting 20% down, have a negative credit situation or even are looking at putting zero money down, we have the most accurate available information for you. Research a local Sebastopol Mortgage.

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