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Rohnert Park, CA located in beautiful Sonoma County is a home to Sonoma State University. It’s the college town of Sonoma County.

A fantastic and unique opportunity real estate opportunity in Rohnert Park California is that of the availability of college student Financing. One such program is the FHA Kiddie Condo Program. This program allows a family to purchase a home for their son or daughter attending the University so they don’t have to pay rent, or so the family can participate in an investment that doubles as housing for their student.

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Rohnert Park’s neighborhoods are organized in “sections.” Each section’s streets start with the letter of the alphabet. Each section also has its own school and park. These sections can help you determine the age of the home you might be looking at. A Section is the oldest and first ever been built in Rohnert Park followed by B Section, C Section, and the list goes on.

The essence of Rohnert Park is families. The main demographics of Rohnert Park California includes young families and certainly lots of children as well. Rohnert Park also plays home to some of the bigger chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and even Hooters Restaurant soon to come. In Rohnert Park you will find uniquely located grocery stores as well as Chilli’s, Oliver Garden and yes even Red Lobster. Having personally been a Rohnert Park resident for over two years there is another unique feature. It’s the only city in northern California where both the police force and fire department are the same. Firefighters are police officers and police officers are firefighters. Instead of having two separate units they have joined forces to create one entity called the Rohnert Park Public Safety Program.

You can find the the right Rohnert Park Mortgage Loan to fit your budget. Because home prices have come down so much, it presents a fantastic opportunity for the first-time home buyer to get into the real estate market. Rohnert Park is one of those areas where you can get the best mortgage to get into a starter home. Lived there for a few years and use that starter home as a platform to upgrade when the timing is appropriate. We also do Cotati Home Loans.

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