First Time Home Buyers

Sonoma County, CA is a wonderful place for first-time home buyers to settle down and get into the real estate market. Home prices have never been more affordable than they are now and with the availability of special loan programs cater to first-time home buyers, there is more opportunity than ever before.

If you are renting a home and think you cannot qualify for a mortgage, think again.

Almost all of the time there is a mortgage loan program that will meet your financial needs that will be equal to your rent payment or lower. At take special pride in being able to help a family purchase a home they thought was not in the cards. Everything from learning how much income needed to qualify to reducing debt and improving credit scores, we can help you.

Now may may not be the right time to purchase a home. However down the road might be. We will be there for you and your family to help you secure your place of the American Dream.

We have many loan programs available to offer you as an alternative to renting.


First time home Buyer Mortgage Loans


VA Mortgages– program offers 0% down payment
USDA Mortgages-program offers 0% down payment and no mortgage insurance and is available in certain areas,flexible qualifying
FHA Mortgags-program offers down payment of 3.5% and is available everywhere flexible qualifying guidelines
Home Path Mortgages-program offers 3% and 5% down payment options, no mortgage insurance and no appraisals required
5% Down Mortgages-program offers standard conventional financing with 5% down

All of our Sonoma County first time home buyer programs are fixed rate mortgages, mostly 30 year fixed rate mortgages. We do not offer adjustable rate mortgages for first-time home buyers. Learn how to buy a home and where to begin.

We also work with Gifts for down payments.

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