How do collections affect my chances of getting a mortgage loan?

Collections negatively affect your chances of getting a mortgage loan, but it’s not impossible to be successful on getting approved for a mortgage despite having previous bad debts. When you apply for a mortgage loan, the lender pulls your credit report and will know in 20 seconds what your credit scores are and how any collections will affect the integrity of your qualification.

An old balance with the delinquency long in the past will negatively affect your credit score to some degree even if the account is a few years old and has been closed. The old balance will likely need to be ‘zeroed out’ at close of escrow.

Let’s say for example you owe $500 on old store credit card that’s been closed, but had delinquency’s from a couple of years ago, this account will need to be at zero by close of escrow. Mortgage lenders not going to care specifically the amount you pay to the creditor, it can even be settled, key is to have it zeroed out with no balance by the close of escrow.

Mortgage Tip: usually when the total amount of all collections are $2000 or higher, the accounts have to be zeroed out. If the old accounts are under $2000 typically the accounts can remain as this. This is subject to an automated underwriting engine the lenders use to determine risk analysis upfront when getting preapproved for the mortgage.

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