Sonoma County Real Estate Loans

Sonoma County Real Estate Loans are available for homeowners looking for refinance solutions and consumers looking to finance the purchase of real estate property.

By working with us to obtain your Sonoma County Real Estate Loan, you have an absolute advantage on either refinancing or purchasing over banks or broker.

We operate as a direct mortgage lender. We will fund your loan in our own name and sell your loan directly to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Our business operates on investor credit lines with investor whom we have established business relationships with. Our platform is such that we go to the market, originate your loan with our credit line, sell your loan, and then the cycle repeats.

Because you are working with loan source you have more control, are dealing with an endorsed company of Fannie & Freddie, and you are one person away from the underwriter. This is critical to ensuring your refinance loan closes. This platform is even more important in a purchase. Banks want to deal with other banks, they want to know you can qualify for mortgage financing. Us the being direct lender puts you a very favorable position for real estate negotiation.

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As the source of funds for your home loan, we eliminate middle men and their subsequent fees. Our core model is to allow your loan to flow efficiently through our system from start to finish.

  • Single tier mortgage rate pricing – our rates don’t shift on volume or process times – big bank’s do
  • No fees paid till services rendered – that’s right no lock fees, no processing fees, no application fees – just straight forward upfront numbers
  • Average escrow 22 days – yes this means fast
  • Direct Mortgage Lender only – we never bother you to open credit cards, bank accounts, or other banking products…ever
  • Local Appraiser – this is guaranteed

We make loans for primary residence as well as vacation and rental properties. The specific property times for residential Sonoma Count Real Estate Loans are:

  • Single Family Residences
  • Condominiums
  • Planned Unit Developments/PUDS
  • 2-4 Unit Properties (including duplex’s, triplex and 4-plex)

Sonoma County Real Estate Loans for your mortgage loan scenario.

In most cases, we have the mortgage loan program in-house within our direct to consumer lender model to fulfill your mortgage loan application. At times, it might make sense to hold off. If you have a debt that will soon be paid perhaps or you’re getting a raise, run it by us. It actually might make more sense to wait before taking out a Sonoma County Real Estate Loan.

Whatever your scenario, we can run the numbers to find the net tangible benefit to you. Our mission is help you secure a mortgage with a combination of the best terms with the lowest rate possible to allow you to minimize interest expense while improving your financial position.

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